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The Armorial Bearings  Exemplified in  The Cheshire Visitations
illustrated in colour by Martin S. J. Goldstraw


Stapleton of Macclesfield

Arms: Argent, a lion rampant Sable a canton vair Or and Gules.                                                                                                                  


Starkey of Stretton

Arms: Argent, a stork Sable charged (for cadency) with an annulet a canton Gules.
Crest: A stork's head erased per pale Argent and Gules charged (for cadency) with an annulet and holding in the beak a .....*

* Although there are no further details of what the stork is holding in its beak in the visitations MSS, Burke's G.A. records the blazon as  A stork's head erased per pale Argent and Sable holding in the beak Gules a snake Vert.                                                                                            


Starkey of Wrenbury
Arms: Quarterly: 1 & 4 Argent, a stork sable beaked and legged Gules [Starkey]; 2 & 3  ..... a griffin segreant ...*

* Although the details of the blazon are missing from the 1663 Visitations  MSS, these arms are identical to those of  Starkey of Stretton of the Overhall recorded in the visitations of 1533 to 1580.
Arms: Quarterly - 1 & 4 Argent, a stork close Sable, beaked and legged Gules 2 & 3 Argent, a griffin segreant Sable.


Steele of Leighton
Arms: ....... a bend counter compony ....... and Ermine between two lions' heads erased ...... on a chief ..... three billets ... *

"No proofe made of ye Armes"


Streete of Chester
Arms:  ........ on a fesse ........... between three cinquefoils ....... as many lozenges ...........   
"No proofe made of these Armes"                           

Stringer of Crewe
Arms: Argent, a cross patonce between four martlets Gules a canton Azure.                                         


Swettenham of Somerford Booths

Arms: Argent, on a bend Sable three half-spades of the field.
Crest: A porcupine's head erased Azure guttee d'eau the spines Or collared and chained Gold.                                                


Swettenham of Swettenham
Arms: Quarterly of eight;
1 & 8 Argent, on a bend Vert three half spades of the field [Swettenham]
2 Argent, on a chevron between three cross-crosslets fitchess Azure as many fleurs-de-lis of the field [Birtles]
3 Sable two chevronels Or each charged with three fleurs-de-lis Gules [                   ]
4 Gules, a fess between three stags' heads caboshed Or [                      ]
5 Argent, a stag's head caboshed Sable attired Or [                  ]
6 Gules, three scythe blades in pale Or [Kempley]
7 Sable, ten plates - four, three, two and one, on a chief Argent a lion passant of the field [Bridgeman]

Crest: A lion rampant supporting an oak tree.                                                


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