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The Armorial Bearings  Exemplified in  The Cheshire Visitations
illustrated in colour by Martin S. J. Goldstraw


Caldecott of  Caldecott

Arms: Argent, a fess Azure, fretty Or, between three pierced cinquefoils Gules.                                                                                                                           

Calveley of Lea

Arms: Quarterly of nine -
1 Argent, a fess Gules between three calves Sable [Calveley]
2 Argent, on a bend Sable three annulets interlaced Or [Huberk]
3 Ermine, a fess Gules, a crescent for cadency [Barnak]
4 Argent, on a saltire Sable five swans of the field [Burgh]
5 Sable, two hinds counter-trippant Argent [Cottingham]
6 Azure, a sword in bend Argent, a bordure engrailed Or [Tattnall]
7 Argent, on a mount Vert a stag couchant Gules [Herthill]
8 Sable, a chevron between three bulls' heads caboshed Argent [Bulkeley]
9 Gules, a fess dancetty Ermine between three bugle-horns Or [Cotgreve]

Crest: A calf's head Sable, issuant from a crest-coronet Or.                                                                                                   

Catheral of Horton
Pedigree but no arms recorded.

Chaloner of Chester
[A seal of arms: Two bars between six objects drawn like the figure 2, possibly intended for martlets, 3, 2, and 1.]


Chantrell of the Bache
Arms: Quarterly
1 and 4 Azure, a pelican in her nest feeding her young Argent.
2 and 3 Bary of six Ermine and Vert.

Crest: A tower Argent, in the gate a boar's head Sable.                                                                                                                  

Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley
Arms: Quarterly
1. Gules, in chief two esquires helmets Argent and in base a garb Or.
2. Lozengy Or and Azure, a bend Gules, fretty Or. [Cheny]
3. [Gules] a chevron between three capons Argent. [Capenhurst]
4. Quarterly Argent and Gules, in the second and third quarters a fret Or. [Dutton]
5. Argent, on a bend Gules three escarbuncles Or. [Thornton]
6. Sable [Vert] a cross engrailed Ermine. [Kingsley]
7. Or, a saltire Sable. [Helsby]
8. Azure, on a chevron between three garbs Or, a crescent for difference. [Hatton]
9. Azure, an estoile of six points issuing from the horns of a crescent Argent. [Minshull]

Crest: A demi-griffin segreant Sable, beaked and legged Or, holding in the claws a close helmet Azure [proper], garnished Gold. 
Quere King pro Arma alia.                                                                 

Church of Nantwich

Argent, a fess engrailed Sable between three greyhounds' heads erased of the last, collared Gules, ringed and garnished Or.

Crest: A greyhound's head erased Sable, bezanty, collared Gules, ringed and garnished Or                                                                 


Clive or Clyff of Huxley
Arms: Quarterly of six coats -
1 and 6 Argent on a fesse between three wolves' heads erased Sable as many mullets Or.
2. Ermine on a bend cotised Gules three crescents Or. [Huxley]
3. [Sable] three garbs [Or]. [Styche]
4. Gules, a lion rampant Or between three crosses formee fitchee Argent.
5. Quarterly Argent and Sable four cocks counterchanged.

1. Crest:  On a mount Vert a griffin passant Argent, ducally gorged Gules.
2. Crest: A wolf's head erased quarterly per pale indented Argent and Sable.                                                                                                 

Clutton of Nantwich
Arms: Quarterly -
1 and 4 Argent, a chevron Ermines cotised Sable, between three annulets Gules, a crescent for difference.
2. Sable, a sling or hand bow between two pheons Argent. [Carden]
3. Argent, a chevron Gules, between three bucks' heads cabossed Sable.                                                                                                    

Cotgreve of Hargreve
Arms: Quartelry of eight -
1. Gules, a fesse dancette Ermine between three bugle horns stringed Or.
2. Argent, a bend Sable between three pellets. [Cotton]
3. Azure, and eagle displayed Argent. [Ridware]
4. Or, a fesse wavy Sable, in chief three martlets of the second.
5. ..............two lions passant in pale ..........., a label of three points Or.
[Possibly Gules two lions passant in pale Argent M.G.]
6. Argent, a griffin segreant, per fesse Gules and Azure.
7. Sable, a fesse humette Argent, in chief a martlet Or. [Bostock]
8. Gules, a chevron Argent, fretty Sable between three mullets of the second.

Crest: In a ducal coronet Or,a demi-peacock, wings displayed proper.                                                                                                  


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