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The Armorial Bearings  Exemplified in  The Cheshire Visitations
illustrated in colour by Martin S. J. Goldstraw


Bressy of Bulkeley and Audlem
Arms:  Quarterly 1. Quarterly per fess indented Sable and Argent, in the first quarter
a mallard of the first (this is incorrect - it should surely read "of the last") billed Gules.
2. Gules, a dexter hand, couped and erect Argent, in chief three mullets of the second.
3. Sable, a chevron between three bulls' heads cabossed Argent [Bulkeley]
4. Argent, on a chevron Sable, three trefoils of the field [Brett?]

Crest: A mallard Argent, billed Gules                                                                                                                             


Bromley of Hamton

Arms from a Seal inscribed Sr. Wilhemi de Bromley
Argent on a chevron Gules five bezants, a bordure engrailed of the second.
[The same arms are also taken from Seals inscribed Sr. Ricardi de Bromley]
There is also note of a Seal, bearing a fleur-de-lis inscribed S Henrici de Chettilton                                                                                                   


Brooke of Leighton

Arms: Quarterly of four:
1 and 4 - Or, a cross engrailed per pale Sable and Gules [Brooke]
2 - Argent, on a cross engrailed quarterly Gules and Azure, between four stags' heads caboshed Sable five bezants [Brooke]
3 - Argent, a chevron Gules between three stags' heads caboshed Sable [Parker]                                                                                                              

Brooke of Nantwich
Pedigree given but no arms.

Brooke of Norton
Pedigree given but no arms.


Brown of Netherleigh

Arms - Argent, two bendlets Sable, in dexter base a pellet, a crescent for cadency.                                                                 


Brown of Upton, near Chester

Arms - Argent, two bendlets Sable between as many pellets.
Crest: On a mount Vert a lion couchant Argent, charged with three gouttes de sang on the neck.                                                                 


Bruen of Stapleford

Arms - Quarterly of four:
1 - Argent, an eagle displayed Sable [Bruen]
2 - Gules, a scyth Argent [Praers]
3 - Gules a chevron between three covered cups Or, on a chief Argent three griffins' heads Azure, erased Or [Greneway]
4 - Argent, two bars Sable, on a canton [of the second] five garbs Or [Wever]

Crest: A fisherman, barelegged, vested Gules, hat Sable, in dexter hand a fishing rod Or, and on his sinister shoulder a fish wheel of the last.                                                                                                 

Bruen of Tarvin
Pedigree given but no arms.


Bulkeley of Bulkeley and Bickerton

Arms - Quarterly of four
1 and 4 - Gules a chevron between three bulls' heads Argent [Bulkeley]
2 and 3 - Argent, on a chevron Sable three pheons of the field [Bickerton]                                                                                                                 


Bunbury of Stanney

Arms -  Quarterly of four
1 - Argent, on a bend Sable three chess-rooks of the field [Bunbury]
2 - Argent, a fess between three pheasants Gules [Stanney]
3 - Gules, on a bend engrailed, between two cinquefoils Argent, three leopards' faces Azure, a mullet for cadency [Aldersey]
4 - Or, on a chief Gules three trefoils slipped of the field, a crescent Gules for cadency [Bamville]

Crest: Two swords saltirewise passing through the bleeding mouth proper of a leopard's face Or, the blades Argent, hilts Gold                                                                                              


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