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The Armorial Bearings  Exemplified in  The Cheshire Visitations
illustrated in colour by Martin S. J. Goldstraw

Woodnoth, of Shevington.

Arms: Quarterly of six: 
1, Argent, a cross voided Sable [WOODNOTH]
2, Argent, two bars Sable, on a canton of the last a garb Or [WEEVERI
3, Per bend Or and Gules a wyvern counterchanged
4, Or, two boars statant in pale Sable
5, Gules, on a bend cotised Argent three moor-cocks Sable [HEATH]
6, Azure, an eagle displayed Argent [COTTON]

Crest 1: On a wreath Argent and Sable a wyvern regardant, and wings elevated and addorsed Or.
Crest 2: On a wreath Argent and Sable a squirrel sejant cracking nuts proper.


Worth of Titherington

Arms: Argent, a cross ragule, couped Sable.

Crest: An arm embowed in armour proper, garnished Or, tied round with a riband Gules, the gauntlet holding the butt-end of a broken tilting spear of the last.                                                                                                                  


Wright of Bickley                                                                                                                
Arms: Barry of six Azure and Argent, in chief three leopards’ faces of the last.
[The Visitations of 1580 describes these arms as: Argent, two bars Azure, on a chief of the second three leopards' faces of the first -illustrated on the right]                                                                                                

Wright, of Nantwich
Pedigree but no arms recorded

Wyche, of Davenham

Arms (in trick):
1 and 4, Azure, a pile Ermine [WYCHE]
2 and 3, Argent, on a chevron Gules [Sable?] three trefoils slipped of the field [BRETT].

Crest: An arm embowed vested Argent, cuff Ermine, the hand proper holding a trefoil slipped Vert.

[This Coate was confirmed & the creast graunted unto Tho: Wyche of Davenham p William Flower Norroy in the 29 yeare of Quene Elyza: Ao 1587.]

Yardley, of Caldecote and Farndon

Arms: Azure, a stag courant [Or], pursued by two greyhounds [Argent].


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