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The Armorial Bearings  Exemplified in  The Cheshire Visitations
illustrated in colour by Martin S. J. Goldstraw

Oakes of Lower Peover
Pedigree but no arms recorded.

Oldfeilde of  Bradwall
Pedigree but no arms recorded.

Page of Erdshaw
Pedigree but no arms recorded.

Pickering of Malpas
Pedigree but no arms recorded.


Poole of Poole
Arms: Quarterly of four -
1 & 4 Azure, semi of fleur-de-lis Or, over all a lion rampant Argent [Poole]
2 Argent, a chevron Sable between three bucks' heads caboshed Gules [Buerton]
3 Argent, three cocks [capons] Sable [Capenhurst]

Crest I Out of a crest-coronet Or a griffin's head Azure, beaked Gold.

Crest II A buck's head caboshed Gules, attired Azure, tipped Or.                                                                                                                        

Portington of Cotton-Edmunds
Pedigree but no arms recorded.

Pot of Dunge in Kettleshulme
Pedigree but no arms recorded.

Povey of Shocklach
Pedigree but no arms recorded.

Powell of Horsley, co Denbigh, and Chester
Arms: Quarterly of nine
1 Sable, three roses Argent, a crescent for cadency [Powell of Horsley; Cunedda Wledig]
2 Azure, a lion rampant Or [Cadwgan Ap Bleddyn Ap Cynfin]
3 Azure, a fess between three horses' heads erased Argent [Rhys Ap Mardram]
4 Azure, a lion statant guardant Or [llewelyn Aur Dorchog]
5 Ermine, a lion rampant Azure [Eliden Ap Rhys Sais]
6 Gules, three chevronels Argent [Jestin Ap Gurgan]
7 Vert, a lion rampant Or [Sandde Hardd]
8 Or, six annulets Sable, 3,2,1 [Lowther]
9 Argent, a chevron Sable between three rooks [Cornish choughs] proper [Worsley]

Crest - A bear's head Argent issuant from a crest-coronet Or, in front of the head two broken spears in saltire, a crescent for cadency.                                                                                                   

Ratclyffe of Chester
Arms: Quarterly of four -
1 & 4 Argent, a bend engrailed Sable [Radcliffe]
2 Argent, a griffin segreant Sable, crowned Or, a mullet for cadency [Culcheth]
3 Argent, an eagle Sable preying on an infant proper, swaddled Gules, in fess point a crescent for difference [Culcheth]

Impaling Ermine, two palets vaire Or and Azure, on a chief of the last a bezant between two garbs Or [Brerewood]

Crest: A bull's head erased Sable, armed Argent, tipped Or, gorged with a crest-coronet Gold, a crescent on a crescent for cadency.

Rode of Wall Hill in Astbury
Pedigree but no arms recorded.

Rowe of Macclesfield
Argent, a hive beset with bees volant Sable                                                                                       

Rutter of Kingsley
Arms: Quarterly of four with a crescent for cadency in fess point.
1 & 4 Gules, three garbs Or, on a chief Azure a lion passant Argent [Rutter]
2 & 3 Vert, a cross Ermine [Kingsley]                                                                                          


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