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The Armorial Bearings  Exemplified in  The Cheshire Visitations
illustrated in colour by Martin S. J. Goldstraw

Ball of Boughton
No arms recorded.


Ball of Chester

Arms: Quarterly:
1 & 4 Gules, a leg in pale, couped at the middle of the thigh and erased at the ankle, Argent, pierced through the calf with the ceulter of a plough crooked at the point Argent and embrued Gules [Ball]

2 & 3 Azure, a bend between six covered cups Or, surmounted by a bend sinister Gules [Butler]

Crest: A turte-dove proper.                                                                                                                        

Ball, of Green Hall in Castle Lane, Chester
Pedigree but no arms recorded.


Barnston of Churton

Arms: Quarterly of four -
1 & 4 Azure, a fess dancetty Ermine between six cross-crosslets fitchy Or [Barnston]
2 & 3 Gules, a cross patonce between four trefoils slyped Or [Manning]                                                                                                        


Baband (Bavant) of Chester
Bavant of Chester
Arms: Ermine, two bars Gules, in chief two boars' heads Sable, couped close of the second; with an escocheon of pretence, Or, a crescent Gules, on a chief of the second three trefoils of the first.

Crest: A boar's head, couped close [untinctured]

[These arms are also recorded in the Fragment of The Visitation of The City of Chester in the year 1591]                                                                                                              

Bebington, of Bebington and Chorley
Pedigree but no arms recorded.

Beeston of Beeston
Arms: Quarterly: 1 Argent, a bend between six bees volant Sable. 2 Or, a saltire Sable [Helsby]. 3 Azure, on a chevron between three garbs Or, a crescent for difference. [Hatton] 4. Argent, a chevron Sable between three bucks' heads cabossed Gules [Parker].

Crest: On a mount Vert, a castle Or, therefrom issuing an arm embowed, in armour proper, the gauntlet holding a sword Argent, hilt and pommel Gold.

Motto: Si Genus Jactas Aliena Laudas

[These arms are also recorded in the Visitations of 1580]                                                                 


Bellot of Moreton

Arms: Quarterly of four:
1 & 4 Argent, on a chief Gules three cinquefoils of the field [Bellot]
2 & 3 Argent, on a bend Sable three buckles of the field [Moreton]                                                                         

Bennett, of Heathside in Thornton-le-Moors
No arms recorded.

Bickerton, of Townley
No arms recorded.


Bird of Broxton

Arms:  Argent, a cross patonce between four martlets Gules, a canton Azure.                                                                                                   

Birkenhead of Backford and Huxley
Arms: Quarterly of four -
1 & 4 Sable, three garbs Or, a bordure Argent
2 & 3 Ermine, on a bend cotised Gules three crescents Or [Huxley]

Crest: On a wreath Or and Sable a goat rampant Argent, attired Or, supporting to dexter a garb Gold.

2nd Shield: Quarterly of four -
1 & 4 Sable, three garbs Or, a bordure Argent.
2 Ermine, on a bend cotised Gules three crescents Or [Huxley]
3 Or, a cinquefoil Gules, an orle of six trefoils slipped Vert [Horncliffe]


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