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The Armorial Bearings  Exemplified
- in -
  A Fragment of The Visitation of The City of Chester in the year 1591
illustrated in colour by Martin S. J. Goldstraw


Massye de Grafton et de Cestr'.

Arms: Quarterly -
1 & 4 Quarterly Gules and Or, in the first quarter a lion passant Argent, a crescent Sable on a crescent Argent for difference.
2 & 3 Per saltire Sable and Ermine, a lion rampant Or; over the four quarterings a crescent Azure for difference.

Crest: An owl Sable.                                                                                                     


Badge of Massye de Grafton et de Cestr'
Standing on a tun Or, a falcon with wings expanded Argent beaked and legged of the first, and holding in the dexter claw a sceptre Gold.  


Greene of Chester

Arms: Gules, a lion rampant per fesse Argent and Sable, crowned Or, and charged on the shoulder with a trefoil Vert.                                                                         


Ball of Chester

Arms: Gules, a human leg couped at the thigh and at the ankle Argent, pierced through the knee with the coulter of a plough of the second, the wound bleeding proper, charged on the thigh with a martlet Sable for difference.                                                                 


Jewett of Chester

Arms: Argent, on a cross Gules five fleur-de-lis of the first, in dexter chief a crescent of the second.                                                                                                   

Rogerson - a blank shield


Bird of Chester

Arms: Argent, on a cross flory between four martlets Gules, a martlet Or; a canton Azure, charged with a crescent for difference Gold.                                                                                                    

Bavant of Chester

Arms: Ermine, two bars Gules, in chief two boars' heads Sable, couped close of the second; with an escocheon of pretence, Or, a crescent Gules, on a chief of the second three trefoils of the first.

Crest: A boar's head, couped close [untinctured]                                                                                              


Brerewood of Chester

Arms: Ermine, two pallets vairy [Or] & [Azure]; on a chief [of the last] a bezant between two garbs [of the second].

Crest: Two swords in saltire [Gules, pomels & hilts Or], enfilled with a crown [an earl's coronet proper].                                                                                       

roughton of Chester

Arms: Quarterly-
1 Ermine, a lion rampant Sable, charged with a crescent [Argent] for difference.
2 Vert, a lion rampant Or [Sandiff]
3 [Or], a lion rampant Azure [Gruffith Ap Kadwgon]
4 Vert, three eagles displayed in fesse Or, a crescent for difference Argent [Owen Gwynedd]
Over the whole a crescent Gules for difference.                                                                     

Gamul de Knighton modo de Chestr'

Arms: Or, three mallets Sable

Crest: A cubit arm erect, vested Gules, cuffed Argent, holding in the hand proper three trefoils slipped Or.
Mantled Gules doubled Argent.                                                                            


Wall of Chester

Arms: Argent, a crescent Azure, between three bears' heads, erased Gules, muzzled Or; in chief three pellets.

Crest: Out of a mural crown Argent, a bear's head Gules, muzzled and collared Or, between two wings Azure, endorsed of the third.                                                                                      

Warburton - a pencil shield, helmet and mantling, but no arms. Pedigree shown.


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