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The Armorial Bearings  Exemplified in  The Cheshire Visitations
illustrated in colour by Martin S. J. Goldstraw


Smith of Hough

Arms: Azure, two bars wavy Ermine, on a chief Or, a demi lion rampant issuant Sable

Crest: An ostrich proper, holding in the beak a horseshoe                                                                                                                                

Smith of Oldhough

Arms: Quarterly
1 & 4 Per pale Or and Gules, three fleur-de-lis counterchanged
2 & 3 Azure, a fret Or [Oldhough]

Crest: A fleur-de-lis per pale Or and Gules                                                                                                            

Spurstow of Spurstow

Arms: Quarterly
1 & 4 Vert, three mullets pierced Or
2 Argent, a lion rampant Gules [Leigh]
3 Azure crussily, and three eagles displayed Or [Alphram]

Crest: A woman's head affronte, couped below the breast proper, hair dishevelled Or.                                                                                                                        

Pro Stanley de Hooton
Drawing of a circular seal, bearing in the circle, and not on a shield, an antelope trippant.

Drawing of  arms from a seal On a bend cottised three stags' heads cabossed.

Drawing from a seal: Arms Quarterly 1 & 4 On a bend, three stags heads cabossed 2 & 3  On a bend three mullets.

 Crest: On an esquires helm a stags head and neck terminating in a mantlet and tassel.        



Sir Thomas Bamville:
Arms: Or, on a chief Gules three trefoils Argent

Married to:

Agnes Dau and coheir to Alexander Silvester of Stourton
Arms: Argent, on a mount a tree Vert                                                                               

[Sir William Hooton of Hooton]
Arms: Argent, on a bend Vert three mullets pierced Or     


[Robert Lord of Lathom]

Arms: Or, on a chief indented Azure, three plates.                                                                                       

Stanley of Hooton

Arms: Quarterly of twelve -
1 Argent, on a bend Azure three bucks' heads cabossed Or.
2 Or, on a chief Gules three trefoils Argent [Bamville]
3 Argent, a tree eradicated Vert [Silvester]
4 Argent, on a bend Vert three mullets Or [Hooton]
5 Sable, three bars Argent [Hoghton]
6 Azure, a garb Or [Grosvenor]
7 Sable, a cross flory Argent [Eaton]
8 Sable fretty Argent a file of three points Or [Harington]
9 Sable, three lions passant in pale Argent [English]
10 Argent, on a bend Sable three lozenges of the field, each charged with a saltire Gules [Urswick]
11 Sable, a lion rampant Argent, charged on the shoulder with a chess rook Gules [Verdon]
12 As the first.

Crest: A buck's head couped Argent.                                                                                      


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