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The Armorial Bearings  Exemplified in  The Cheshire Visitations
illustrated in colour by Martin S. J. Goldstraw

Malbedenk, Malbank, Malban, Mauban, Barons of Nantwich


Drawing of arms from a seal inscribed S. Henrici De Alditheley

Gules, fretty Or, on a canton Azure, a cross patee of the second.                                                                                                                                   

Arms of Malbedeng or Malbank

Quarterly Or and Gules over all a bendlet Sable                                                                                            

Arms of Bassett

Barry nebule of six Argent and Sable                                                                                                     

Mallpas, Barons of Mallpas

Will'm's Belward

Arms: Gules, three pheons Argent                                                                                                      

Radulphus Boro' de Malpass

Arms: Argent, a cross patonce Azure                                                                                                   

Manley of Pulton

Arms: Argent, a dexter hand couped and erect Sable, within a bordure engrailed of the second                                                                                                    

Manwaring of Chester. Manwaring of Nantwich

Arms: Argent, two bars Gules within a bordure gobone Or and Sable.

Crest: An ass's head proper, erased, maned, and haltered Or                                                                                           

Meinilwarin. Manwaringe of Peever

Arms: Quarterly -
1 & 4 Argent, two bars Gules
2 & 3 Gules, a scyth Argent [Praers]

Crest: An ass's head erased Argent, haltered Or.                                                                       

"These 5 armes stand in the Chancell window in Warmincham Church"
Paly of six Or and Gules,
a chief Ermine

Argent, a fret Gules bezantie, a file [label] of three points Azure

Argent, two bars Gules

Gules, three cross-crosslets fitche, and a chief Or

Or, on a fess Azure three garbs of the field.

Marbury of Marbury

Arms: Quarterly-
1 & 6 Sable, a cross engrailed between four nails Argent
2 Or, on a fess engrailed Azure three garbs of the field [Marbury ancient or Vernon]
3 Argent, a lion rampant Gules, collared Or [Vernon]
4 Vert, a cross patonce Or [Boydell]
5 Argent, on a fess Sable three mullets of the first pierced of the second [Boydell?]

Crest: On a chapeau Gules, charged with three bezants, and turned up Argent, a sarecen's head in profile, couped proper, crined Sable, wreathed about the temples Or and Azure.

Drawing of a shield, within a circle.
Arms: Or, on a fess engrailed Azure three garbs of the field.

Marbury of Walton

Arms: Sable, a cross engrailed between four spear-heads [nails] Argent.                                      


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