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The Armorial Bearings  Exemplified in  The Cheshire Visitations
illustrated in colour by Martin S. J. Goldstraw


Leigh of Adlington

Arms: Quarterly -
1 & 4 Azure, a plate between three ducal crowns Or, within a bordure Argent [Corona]
2 Azure, two bars Argent, over all a bendlet gobony Or and Gules [Legh of Adlington]
3Argent, a cross flory Sable [Belgrave]

Crest: A unicorn's head Argent, couped Gules, armed Or.                                                                                                                              

Leigh of Lyme

Arms: Quarterly of six -
1 Argent, a cross Sable, in the dexter chief point a fleur-de-lis of the second [Haydock]
2 Gules, a cross engrailed Argent [Legh of Lyme]
3 Vert, a chevron between three cross-crosslets fitche Or [Boydell]
4 Argent, a mullet Sable charged with a bezant [Walton of Ulnes-Walton]
5 Vert, a cross patonce Or [Boydell]
6 Quarterly:- 1 and 4 Lozengy Argent and Sable [Croft] 2 and 3 Sable, a chevron between three covered cups Or [Butler]

Crest: Out of a ducal coronet Or a ram's head Argent, armed of the first, holding in the mouth a sprig of laurel.                                                                                                   

Robert Leigh of Adlington

Arms: Azure, two bars Argent Over all a bend gobone Or and Gules.
[This entry is recorded as a bend - see previous page where it is recorded as a bendlet]                                                                                                              

Leigh of the Ridge

Arms: Quarterly -
1 Gules, on a cross engrailed Argent a mullet for difference
2 Gules, two bars gemelles Argent, a chief Ermine.
3 Argent, a chevron Sable between three cocks' heads erased Gules [Alcock]
4 Checky Or and Vert, a bend Ermine [Sparke]                                                                    

Leigh of High Leigh, of the East Hall

Arms: Quarterly -
1 & 4 Argent, a lion rampant Gules
2 & 3 Azure, crusily Or, and three eagles displayed of the second [Alpram]

Crest: A demi lion rampant Gules                                                                 

Leigh of Swinehead and Leigh of Northwood

Arms: Quarterly -
1 & 4 [Or] a lion rampant [Gules] charged with a mullet
2 & 3 Per pale Argent and Sable three boars statant in pale, counterchanged [Called Swinehead]                                                                                                         

Leversege of Wheelock

Arms: Quarterly -
1 & 4 Argent, a chevron between three ploughshares Sable.
2 & 3 Argent, a chevron between three Catherine wheels Sable [Wheelock]

Crest: A leopard's head jesant-de-lis *
* The upper part of the fleur-de-lis, usually shewn above the leopard's face, is omitted in the MS.                                                                                                    

Linford of Cheshire, familie now extinct [out of an old writing]
There then follows a pedigree but no arms are recorded for this family.


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