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The Armorial Bearings Featured in The Vale Royal of England first published by Daniel King in 1656

This page shows the armorial bearings of those Gentlemen whose surname begins with C and those whose surname begins with D.


Azure, a pelican in her piety vulning herself Argent.                                           



Azure, a cross pattee between four swans Argent.  


Quarterly Argent and Gules, four crosses pattee counterchanged.                                                                                                                       

Azure three fleur-de-lis Or.   


Quarterly Gules and Argent.                                                                                                                                  


Calcote de Calc
Argent, a fesse Azure fretty Or, between three cinquefoils Gules.                                              


Claiton (Clayton)

  Argent,a saltire between four martlets Gules.                                                                                                      



(possibly) Sable, three mascles Or.                                                                                                            


Argent, a chevron between three fleams Sable.                                                                                                            


Gules, three plates each charged with a squirell sejant of the field.                                                                                                  


Argent, a fesse Gules between three calves Sable.                                                                                          

There are then two blank shields followed by the Arms of those gentlemen whose surname begins with D.

Sir John Done

Azure, two bars Argent over all on a bend Gules three arrows of the second.                                                                         


Quarterly Argent and Gules, in the second and third a fret Or.
(Burke's states: Dutton of Dutton co, Chester the ancestor of this family came in with the Conqueror).  


Sir Peers Dutton

Quarterly of four.
1- Quarterly Argent and Gules in the second and third a fret Or. [Dutton]
2- Azure, an estoile issuant from the horns of a crescent Argent. [Minshull]
3 - Azure, a garb Or. [Grosvenor]
4. - Azure, three garbs of the field [Vernon]                                                                           


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