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                          arms of The University of Chester

Armorial Bearings Granted to the Chester Diocesan Training College :

Argent, on a cross gules a garb Or, in the first quarter in front of two swords in saltire proper, hilts and pomels gold, an open book also proper, clasped also gold. Crest : On a wreath of the colours, In front of two swords in saltire proper, hilts and pomels Or, a mitre of the last charged with a garb gules. Motto : Qui docet in doctrina.
Granted 5 july 1954

It should be noted that these arms were granted to the Chester Diocesan Training College which was the name of the institution concerned back in the 1950s before changing to the Chester College of Higher Education in 1963 and finally to the University of Chester in 2005. Cheshire Heraldry is not in receipt of any information confirming whether the University of Chester has received a Royal Licence permitting the use of these arms.

Heraldic history*

In the early 1950s, the then Chester Diocesan Training College applied to heralds at the College of Arms, part of the Royal Household, to have its own distinctive arms and crest, which were then hand-drawn on vellum.

The University's arms include a crest and golden scroll bearing the University's Latin motto, 'Qui Docet in Doctrina,' or 'Let the teacher teach,' taken from St Paul's Epistle to the Romans. This is particularly appropriate, as the institution began as a teacher training college and has been awarded university status in part for the standard of its teaching.

Its visual emblems include:
  The golden wheat sheaf, which belongs to the Earldom of Chester, a title created in the Thirteenth Century and more recently held by the Heir to the British throne. Wheat sheaves appear on both the City of Chester and County of Cheshire coats of arms. . The clasped, open book as a symbol of learning. . The crossed swords, echoing the sword on the County of Cheshire coat of arms, which reflects the County motto: 'By the law and dignity of the sword.' . The red cross, taken from the flag of St George of England. . The Bishop's mitre signifying the historic roots of the University's provenance when it was founded under the aegis of the Church of England in 1839.

* Heraldic history kindly provided by Mr. David Marshall of The University of Chester.

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