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Lesley Audrey Holt (1928 - 2010)

Born on the Wirral, Lesley Holt had a lifelong interest in art and art history. This interest was soon channelled into Medievalism and Heraldry. The love of heraldry coupled with a fine artistic talent and ability to absorb the most esoteric facts gave her a formidable advantage in discussions and in her talks and lectures over many years.

For over half a century she was a member of the Cheshire (originally Macclesfield) Heraldry Society and was in several other like bodies including the Stockport Writers Circle. She was a keen attender at meetings and visits and maintained this interest despite ill-health.

A determined traveller she said that “everyone should see Everest before they die” - so off she went to Nepal !!!

Her passing leaves an immense void in the local heraldry world.

In a statement on behalf of The Cheshire Heraldry Society, Chairman Harold Storey, sent the following message:

Mrs. Lesley A. Holt - an appreciation

We were all very saddened by the recent death of one of our founder members.  Lesley has always been a keen supporter of our activities, and has acted as Secretary and held other offices over the years.   

Lesley was a keen amateur heraldic artist, she designed the Society’s badge.  She enjoyed passing on her heraldic knowledge, even running classes for young children at her local school.  Her enthusiasm for heraldry even extended to her joining a local jousting club, where she made sure that all the shields being displayed at least followed the laws of heraldry.   Some years ago she wrote a column in Cheshire Life about the Coats of Arms of various Cheshire families.

Lesley had many other interests, not least the successes of her son - a marine biologist, and her daughter and grand-daughter who cared for her in her recent illness.

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The badge of The Cheshire Heraldry Society designed by Lesley Holt.
The blue lion is from the Macclesfield arms, the sword from the Chester arms  and the garb on the lion's neck is to indicate Cheshire.

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