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I am occasionally asked if I would reproduce, to a higher resolution,  various armorial bearings.

Illustration of an A4 sized certificate.

If it pleases me to take any commission , I do so on the following conditions:

1)  It must be made clear somewhere near the image that the armorial bearings are those of the grantee and his heirs as recorded in the College of Arms or Lyon Register (or one of the Visitations). There must be no claim or inference that the armorial bearings belong to anyone other than the rightful heirs of the grantee etc.

2) I ask that it is noted that the image was created and supplied by Martin Goldstraw/ Cheshire Heraldry.

3) I would prepare an updated and improved (larger) image for a negotiated donation which will be used to defray the running costs of the Cheshire Heraldry web site.

4) All rights and copyrights to the image would remain mine.

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you may do so here via Pay Pal.



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