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Heraldic Authorities

The College of Arms
The College of Arms is the official repository of the coats of arms and pedigrees of English, Welsh, Northern Irish and Commonwealth families and their descendants. Its records also include official copies of the records of Ulster King of Arms the originals of which remain in Dublin. The officers of the College, known as heralds, specialize in genealogical and heraldic work for their respective clients.
The Court of The Lord Lyon
The Court of the Lord Lyon is the heraldic authority for Scotland. It deals with all matters relating to Scottish Heraldry and Coats of Arms and maintains the Scottish Public Registers of Arms and Genealogies. The Lord Lyon King of Arms is also responsible for State Ceremonial in Scotland.
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Heraldic Societies

Cheshire Heraldry Society
If you are interested in Cheshire and Heraldry then we hope The Cheshire Heraldry Society's programme will have something to take your attention. Please join us at any of our talks this autumn and spring (details on the web site) if you can. In the summer we go on outings to places of heraldic interest. We meet on the 3rd. Saturday each month in the autumn through to spring at Townley Street Sunday School, in Macclesfield at 2.30 p.m. This is 10 minutes walk from the railway station, and there is a pay and display Car Park literally on the door step.
The Heraldry Society
THE HERALDRY SOCIETY exists to increase and extend interest in and knowledge of heraldry, armory, chivalry, genealogy and allied subjects. The Society is nonprofit making and is registered as an educational charity. Membership is open to all. As well as enjoying the privileges and advantages of membership, subscriptions help to further the aims of the Society.
The Heraldry Society of Scotland
The web site of The Heraldry Society of Scotland
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Heraldry Educational

St Aloysius' College Petrasancta Society
Managed by the Society of Jesus, St Aloysius' College, Glasgow, has its own flourishing heraldry society named in honour of one of the great 17th century Jesuit heraldists, Fr Silvester Petrasancta SJ.
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Sites of General Heraldic Interest

Burke's Peerage & Gentry International Armorial Register
Burke’s Peerage & Gentry proudly presents their International Register of Armorial Bearings; a register of armorial bearings in current use throughout the world which includes the names, addresses and biographies of the bearers along with the rationale and history behind their use and design. This fully illustrated record of contemporary Coats of Arms used internationally is the precursor to the publication of a prestigious work in book form.
Crested Cushions
We supply high quality bespoke velvet cushions embroidered with your family crest or coat of arms in gold, silver or coloured thread.
Modar's Heraldry Page
Information & resources on historical and re-enactment heraldry as done by the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).
On Line Heraldic Armorials
A new site which in itself provides a number of links to sites of heraldic interest. Check this out as it gives a link to Stephens own heraldry site.
      Blazon Espania   http://www.blason.es/heraldica/condadodecheshire.html

     A Spanish on line armorial produced by Dr. Antonio Salmeron, an heraldic artist.

Studies in Heraldry
Over 450 pages, including Early Rolls of Arms, The Civic Heraldry of France, Stamps, Cigarette Cards, Pub Signs, and others.
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Sites of Specific Cheshire Heraldic Interest

Maxfield Family History
Maxfield Family History
Wheelock Genealogy
This site contains information on Wheelock families from the English and Latin American branches of the family name. This information has been collected over the last few years and we continue to investigate a variety of sources for Wheelock Family History. Information will be added as it becomes available.
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