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                          to Langhan & Henry Booth

The armorial bearings of Booth which are displayed as a monument to Langham and Henry Booth.
They can be seen in the Dunham (or Booth) Chapel at Bowdon Parish Church.
Image kindly supplied by R. Adamson Esq.

Quarterly of fourty eight:
1st Quarter: Argent, three boars heads erect and erased Sable, langed Gules [Booth].
2nd Quarter: Argent, a fesse engrailed Gules [Called Barton]
3rd Quarter: Azure, two bars, and in chief  as many mullets Argent [Venables of Bollin]
4th Quarter: Argent, on a bend Azure, three garbs Or [Fitton of Bollin]
5th Quarter: Quarterly Gules and Or, in the first quarter a lion passant Argent [Massey of Dunham]
6th Quarter: Paly of six, Or and Gules, a chief Vair [Whitney?]
7th Quarter: Argent, on a bend Gules, three escarbuncles Or [Thornton]
8th Quarter: Vert, a cross engrailed Ermine [Kingsley]
9th Quarter: Argent, a bugle horn stringed Sable [Kingsley's Forester's coat]
10th Quarter: Or, a saltire Sable [Helsby]
11th Quarter: Azure, a chevron between three garbs Or [Hatton]
12th Quarter: Azure, four bendlets Or [Bendy of ten, Or and Azure] [Mountford of Bescote, Staffs]
13th Quarter: Argwent, seme of billets, a lion rampant Sable (should be crowned Or) [de la Planch]
14th Quarter: Argent, on a chief Azure two fleur-de-lis Or [Clinton]
15th Quarter: Argent, fretty Azure [Samby]
16th Quarter: Argent,  three fleur-de-lis, 2 & 1, between six cross-crosslets, 3, 2 & 1 Sable,  [Hillarie]
17th Quarter: Gules, a fess between six cross-crosslets Argent [Peache]
18th Quarter: Argent, a pale engrailed Sable [Daniell ?]
19th Quarter: Ermine, a fess chequy Or and Azure [Arden]
20th  Quarter: Azure, a lion rampant double-queued Or [Stapleton]
21st Quarter: Argent, a mullet Sable [Ashton of Ashton-u-Lyme]
22nd Quarter: Argent, a chevron engrailed Azure [Stayley of Mottram in Lang]
23rd Quarter: Argent, a chief Gules (elsewhere this coat has a dragon on the chief)
24th Quarter: Argent, a lion rampant Gules between three pheon headss Sable [Egerton of Ridley]
25th Quarter: Azure, six garbs Or [Hugh Keveliok, Earl of Chester]
26th Quarter: Azure, a wolf's head erased Argent [Hugh Lupus, Earl of Chester]
27th Quarter: Sable, an eagle displayed Or [ Earl of Chester]
28th Quarter: Argent, a cross flory Azure [Malpas]
29th Quarter: Or, three piles in point Gules, on a canton Argent a griffin segreant Sable [Basset of Blore]
30th Quarter: Azure, a wolf's head erased Argent [Hugh Lupus, Earl of Chester]
31st Quarter: Gules, a cross Ermine [Beck]
32nd Quarter: Argent, a fesse vaire Or and Gules, between three water bougets Sable [Dethick]
33rd Quarter: Argent, a chief Gules over all on a bend Sable three escutcheons each Argent a chief Gules [Allestry]
34th Quarter: Or, on a chevron gules three plates [Stafford] [Robert de Stafford (Collins' Roll)]
35th Quarter: Azure, six martlets Or [Appleby] [Henry de Appilby (Collin's Roll)]
36th Quarter: Paly of six Argent and Gules, on a bend Azure three horse shoes Or [Meignell]
37th Quarter: Vaire, Argent and Sable [de la Warr / Meynell]
38th Quarter: Sable, a lion rampant Argent [Williams (Cromwell)?]
39th Quarter: Argent, three bendlets [enhanced] Gules [Byron]
40th Quarter: Argent, a cross engrailed Sable between four torteau [Clayton]
41st Quarter: Argent, a cross flory Sable [Adlington? Clayton?]
42nd Quarter: Argent, on a bend Azure, three annulets Or, in sinister chief a cross-paty fitchy Sable [Clayton]
43rd Quarter: Argent, three bears' heads erased Sable muzzled Or [Langham]
44th Quarter: Ermine a chevron Gules a bordure engrailed Sable  [Revell]                                                                           
45th Quarter: Azure, two bends and a chief Argent [?]
46th Quarter: Gules, two lions passant Argent [Strange]
47th Quarter: Azure, ten estoiles 4,3,2 &1) Or [Alston]
48th Quarter: Sable, three horses' heads erased Argent bridled Gules a canton Ermine [?]

My thanks to Harold Storey, Richard Lichten and Alan Fenelly for assisting in the identification of the Blasons. Harold had already done this work some years ago when he completed a report for the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts; he was kind enough to share his research with me.

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