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The Armorial Bearings recorded in the
Cheshire and Lancashire Funeral Certificates

illustrated in colour by Martin S. J. Goldstraw


Mrs. Martha Bate, 1628.
Arms: (in a lozenge) Ermine, on a chief indented Gules three ducal coronets Or a crescent Gules charged with a crescent Or for difference.

N.B. These are the arms of Leech, Mrs. Bate was the daughter of Henry Leech of Chester, Alderman. M.G.


Edward Bathow, Alderman, 1628.

He was graced with his Company's Arms [viz. The Weavers' Company]: Azure, on a chevron Argent between three leopards' faces ducally crowned Or each having in the mouth a shuttle of the last as many roses Gules barbed and seeded Proper.                                                                                          


Richard Bavant, Alderman, 1603.
Arms: Ermine, two bars Gules in chief two boars' heads erased Sable.                                                                                                              


Mrs. [Anne] Bayly [Baley], 1633.
Arms: (in a lozenge) Ermine, two bars Or over all a lion rampant Azure.

N.B. These are the arms of Bagnall. Mrs. Baley was the daughter of Sir Henry Bagnall, Kt, Marshall of Ireland. M.G.                                                                                 

Sir Hugh Beeston, Knight, 1626.
Arms: Quarterly of 6: 1 and 6, Argent, a bend between six bees volant Sable. 2, Argent, a chevron between three bucks' heads cabossed Gules. 3, Argent, on a bend Gules, three escarbuncles Or. 4, Vert, a cross engrailed Ermine. 5, Or a saltire Sable.

Crest: On a mount Vert a tower Or issuing therefrom an arm embowed in armour Proper garnished of the second holding a sword also Proper hilt gold.                                                              

Sir George Beeston, Knight, 1601.
"Bestone bareth Argent, a bend betwene six bees Sable. The 2nd Argent a chevron inter three hartes headed cabushed Gules. The 3rd Argent, on a bend Gules three Carbuncles Or. The 4th Verte a cross ingreled Ermine. The 5th Or a saltire Sable. The 6th as the firste. Creaste: On a mount Verte a castell and an arme armed Or sustayning a sworde Argent hilt and pomell of the seconde placed on a torce Argent and Sable."     


Illustration of the Arms of Sir George Beeston taken from the original publication.

Mrs. Anne Bird, 1631.
Arms: Argent, a cross flory between four martlets Gules on a canton Azure a crescent Or thereon a martlet for difference.                                               

Richard Bird, Gentleman, 1603.
Arms: Argent, on a cross patonce between four martlets Gules an annulet Or; a canton Azure.                                                

Illustration of the Arms of Richard Bird taken from the original publication.


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