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The Armorial Bearings recorded in the
Cheshire and Lancashire Funeral Certificates

illustrated in colour by Martin S. J. Goldstraw


Roger Hurleston, Gentleman, 1634.
Arms: Quarterly 1 and 4, Argent, four Ermine spots in cross Sable, the heads meeting in the centre point; 2, Argent, two bendlets engrailed Sable, the lower one couped at the upper end; 3, Argent, a chevron between three crossbows Sable.

Crest: A goat's head erased Argent, armed and bearded Or, charged on the neck with four Ermine spots, as in the arms.


Mrs. Susanna Ince, 1633.
daughter to Rowland Greatbach of Whicharts (Whitchurch) Salop, married to Robert Ince, sometime Sheriff of Chester (his third wife).

Arms: Argent, three torteaux in bend, between two bendlets Sable, a fleur-de-lis Or on a mullet Sable for difference.


Mr. Thomas Ince, 1620.
Arms: Argent, three torteaux in bend, between two bendlets Sable, a mullet of the last charged with a martlet of the first for difference.                                                                                                             


Robert King, D.D., 1631.
Arms: Azure, on a bend double cotised Or, three escallops Sable, a mullet Argent for difference.                                                                                  

Mrs. Elizabeth Kitchens, Widow, 1628.
Daughter to Charles Fitton of Clutton.
Arms: Quarterly 1 and 4, Argent, on a bend Azure, three garbs Or; 2 and 3, sable a sling or handbow in bend between two pheons Argent.                                                               

George Ledsham, Gentleman, 1606.
Arms: Quarterly Sable and Argent, four leopards' faces counterchanged; in fess point a mullet Or.                                            

Sir Richard Lee, Knight, 1627.
Arms: Quarterly of six: 1, Argent, a fess between three leopards' faces Sable; 2, Sable, two bars Argent, on a canton of the first, a garb Or; 3, Per fesse Or and Gules, a wyvern counterchanged; 4, Or, two boars passant Sable; 5, Gules, on a bend cotised Argent, three moor-cocks Sable combed, &c., of the first; 6, Azure, an eagle displayed Argent.

Crest: On a ducal coronet Or, a leopard's face Sable.                                                

Mrs. Anne Leech, Widow, 1601
Wife of Robert Leech, Doctor of Lawe and Chancellor, deceased. Daughter and sole heir of  John Webster of the City, Gent.
Arms (Webster): Argent, a cross patonce between four mullets Sable.                                               

Mrs. Anne Legh, 1601.
Second wife of George Legh of Legh, Esquire. Daughter and one of the heirs of John Bouth of Barton, Co. Lancaster, Esquire.  
Arms: Quarterly of four: 1st and 4th; Argent, a lion rampant Gules; 2, Azure, crusilly botonie three eglettes Or; 3, Argent, a griffin Gules: Impaling quarterly 1st and 4th; Argent, three boars' heads erased and erect Sable, langued Gules, tusked Or; 2nd and 3rd; Argent, a fess ingraled Gules.                      

Thomas Legh, Esquire, 1602
Arms: Quartely of four; 1st, Azure, two bars Argent, a bend gobonie Or and Gules; 2nd, Azure, a chevron between three crowns Or; 3, Gules, three crosses botony fitchee, a chief Or; 4, Argent, a cross formy fitche Sable.
Crest: On a torse Argent and Azure. A unicorn's head couped Argent, mane Or, horn gobonie Or and Gules.           



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